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Sunsoft Technologies Bangalore,India and Melbourne,Australia office offers a wide range of training options to expand your knowledge on CAD and GIS.

We organize special training events in areas of high skill requirement. Classroom instructions is available at our center for users of GIS/ArcGIS/Opensource/ESRI/QGIS/Arcobjects/WebGIS softwares. All schedules are both classroom & online at convenient timing to suite every need. The training session will be scheduled every Monday on 3rd,10th,17th,24th,31st of October 2016 and 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th of November 2016.

Our fast track GIS courses are designed for quick learning to sharpen your software and analytical skills.


The syllabus is designed from basics of GIS to Advanced training (WebGIS) to match the latest requirements in companies with excellent job success rate. This program is specially designed to enhance your complete personality which is coupled with industrial projects on GIS(Geographical Information System), RS(Remote Sensing) and Image Processing. This unique gis training program makes you dynamic, multiskilled to build career in GIS. The following are the GIS course training schedule.


Class Duration Online Duration:
(a) Fasttrack 15 days (a) Fasttrack 1 month 1hr/day
(b) Regular 1 month  (b) Weekend 2hr/day
(c) Weekend 3 months  
(d) Corporate 5 days  


The GIS Certification of training is provided after successfully completion of gis course.To know student's review on the course click here and also watch video


GIS Project for Internship

GIS Projects Titles
  • Change Detection in Land Use & Cover by Remote Sensing & GIS
  • Landslide and Hazard Mappinng using RS & GIS
  • Water Pollution by using QGIS
  • Assessing Agricultural Land, Slope and Erodible Soil
  • Real Estate Application for City or Zonal or Local using RS & GIS
  • Crop Acreage and Production Estimation using GIS and RS
  • Suitable Sites for Camping using GIS Application
  • Wild life management Plants, Animals, Species Etc
  • Determining of roads and trails at high risk using GIS
  • Air Pollution by using Opensource GIS
  • Urban Sprawl using GIS and Remote Sensing
  • Road Network Analysis with Quantum GIS
  • Flood Analysis
  • Road widening and 3D Analysis
  • Logistics Management Analysis
  • Drug Trafficking and Crime Analysis
  • Airlines and Airport Management

Gis for water pollution mapping Gis 3d Analysis Gis for Wildlife Gis for Realestate

Gis Airline Mapping


Gis Mapping
Gis for Airpollution Gis for Urban Planning